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About Hirex

We, as a team, are stretching and expanding in every nook and corner of India. We make ends meet. Your desire is our passion and our passion is our client’s target. We pride ourselves in picking up each and every pearl from the ocean of talent, polishing them and placing them where their value and worth is enhanced further. We not only manage people but we build relationships. We reach out to our most prized and precious clients and analyze their needs. We reach out to candidates and find the best fitment. We bridge the gap.

We still have miles to go and millions to cover, which, with our continuous effort will be covered in our gamut.

We believe in “Change is the only constant.” We learn, we train our team for further improvements and we equip ourselves with upcoming skills and strategies to balance out the needs of the customers and our candidates.


Looking back, we had started off in the year 2011 with only a few members in the team. In the year 2017 we had registered ourselves as a Private ltd company. Nevertheless, digitalized approach along with continuous disciplined and monitored effort has helped us reach a stage where we can claim ourselves to have created brand awareness amongst organizations. In current scenario we have a strong foothold in various sectors. To help smoothen the process, we have deeply ingrained values which instills a sense of belongingness in the organization.

Our Belief

  • Never give up!
  • Strive for the best!
  • Keep trying!
  • Reach for the moon!
  • Be dedicated!
  • Be committed!

Hirex is established on three pillars.

Client : We promise to give a committed service to our client .We ensure that even the minutest details are not overlooked. We realize that the time of our client is crucial and priorities the need of our client above all. We understand the importance of analyzing the exact requirement of our client and providing them with the best in terms of talent and service charge. We have expertise in staffing solutions, as well as, an access to a vast database. Our clients are our foundation. We have been working with clients from diverse sectors.

We have a team of experts, who, continuously work towards channelizing all their efforts in meeting out the needs of our clients. Our clients are widespread. Name a city and we are there with our services, name a sector and we are present.

Candidates : We provide options to the candidates to either apply for vacant positions or submit their customized applications in our database. Our database is continuously updated and organized. Our database is accessed on a regular basis and hence each candidate is served on an equal platform.

Hirex Team : Hirex team is the bridge. We ensure that the bridge is held tightly together. We nurture them with training, strategies, techniques, get together, celebrations and motivational acts to make them feel as a family. Our family ensures that our client's need and candidate's requirements are accomplished.

  • Client Need Analysis
  • Convey the specification to the team of experts
  • Reviewing the database
  • Screening the best
  • Fulfillment of client's needs
  • Closure
  • Feedback
  • Restart from step 1

Values are the key to success. It remains valid for eons to come.

Commitment- Our growth chart is consistently in uptrend.

Innovative approach- Our methodologies are always in the path of getting updated as our research work is of unending phenomenon.

Integrity- We have always been honest in our approach with our candidates and clients.

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