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Whatever is the nature of Business one wish to do the first and the foremost thing for any businessman is to create/form a company or an organisation. Without which everything can only be a distant dream as a regular or established organisation is the base of any business. Depending upon the nature of business and the kind of setup you need one may register a company and complete the necessary steps to offer their business a shape. If you are already experienced or you have someone to mentor you then it becomes easier and things take a much desired shape in less time, but if you are new in this space and there is not much of guidance available than a you may always look for a professional agency or a service to get things moving and understand what needs to be done and how to get it done.

Allegiance Recruiters India offers expert advisory services in company formation depending upon what your requirement is. First what we do is we understand what is your requirement and nature of business that you wish to do and then we suggest what is the best solution for you. Based on our expertise and experience in this domain we wish to provide the best solution to our customers to get the maximum benefit with the least amount of time so that their operations of business start taking shape.

Our experts in company formation have years of immense experience who will hand hold you and walk you through the minute of details and would update you with the entire procedure of company formation as well as looking into your requirement would also suggest what type of company would suit you and your business the best. Whether you wish to form a sole proprietorship, partnership firm, Private Limited co. or a Public Limited Co. we have solutions for the varied needs and you may make your pick depending upon your requirement.

To make it simple, we have created a step by step process to offer you better insight about the process of company formation.

  • Identify target Customers
  • Obtaining approval for the proposed name of your Company from the Registrar of Companies (ROC) on paying the prescribed fees.
  • Creating the Memorandum of Association and payment of Government duty.
  • Creating the Articles Association and payment of Government duty.
  • Choosing, Selecting or getting the right persons to subscribe to the Memorandum(a minimum of 7 for a Public limited Company and 2 for a private company) and procurement of an office premises and getting it registered.
  • Payment of Registration fees to the ROC
  • Receipt of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Obtain a certificate of Commencement of business from the ROC if it is a Public limited Co.
  • Start your Business operations

We offer end to end consulting and support in a company formation process so, whether it is liaisoning services with Government departments, guiding you through the process, obtaining necessary certificates etc. we do it all in a professional manner. Should you need any assistance in this regard, you may contact our team or visit our website for more information.

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